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Massage Therapy for Rockford

{PJ} Chiropractor Massage Therapy
Whether you’re seeking pain relief or stress reduction, massage therapy can provide numerous therapeutic benefits. You’re welcome to schedule a massage therapy session whether you’re a current patient at our office or have never been to Byrne Chiropractic & Wellness Center before. Dr. Byrne may recommend massage as a part of your wellness or corrective chiropractic program.

Two massage therapists are on staff to address your needs. Jennine Purcell offers the benefit of over 20 years of expertise as a massage therapist. And, Lynne Pfund, licensed massage therapist, recently passed her board examinations and looks forward to helping you as well.

Experience the many benefits of massage therapy. Insurance is accepted. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Massage Therapy for Rockford and Cedar Springs & Sparta
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