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New Patient Center

Welcome to Byrne Chiropractic & Wellness Center!

Rockford Chiropractor New Patient Center

Our office is located next door to the Michigan State Police post.

When you walk into Byrne Chiropractic & Wellness Center, you’ll feel relaxed in our spa-like environment. Far from being clinical, our patients feel stress melt away when they arrive.

Peaceful and welcoming, you’ll hear soft music playing and a diffuser with essential oils helping you relax. A water fountain adds to the calming feel. Kids are welcome to play in the children’s area and feel at home in our office.

First Visit Consultation

The necessary paperwork can be emailed to you or downloaded from our website before your arrival and brought in completed. You’ll be met with a smile and a handshake, warmly welcomed in. You can have a seat and take us up on an offer for tea or coffee before a chiropractic assistant brings you back for a pre-consultation meeting. They’ll gather some information from you, then do computerized scans with the Insight™ Subluxation Station, which gives us a COREscore™ to demonstrate your current level of health. Our neurologically based approach to chiropractic measures your nerve function so that we can monitor your progress.

After that, you’ll report to Dr. Byrne. He’ll come in and introduce himself and discuss your health history. Next is an examination, which includes:

• Palpation to feel for muscle tightness, joint tenderness, pain and swelling
• Orthopedic tests to evaluate joint function
• Neurological tests to evaluate the integrity and functionality of your nervous system
• Kinesiology to locate neurological stress through muscle tests

Your visit takes 45 minutes to an hour. We’ll then schedule you for a report of findings within a few days of your initial visit.

The Report of Findings

On your second visit, we’ll explain the findings from your first visit. The tests performed allow us to understand the interference in your nervous system and provides a baseline for future testing to measure your progress.

You’ll receive Dr. Byrne’s recommendations to improve your health and we’ll go over any special instructions that allow you to obtain the best and fastest possible results. You’ll receive an adjustment and review your financial information with our chiropractic assistant Deb. You can discuss with her which type of chiropractic care you choose to receive, whether relief or correction is your goal.

Future visits are scheduled at this time, and you can plan on being here for about 30 minutes for this visit.

Regular Visits

On your following visits, you’ll arrive, sign in, go to a private room and get your adjustment. You can choose to see us for as long as you wish. We find that many people want to receive regular chiropractic checks because they feel better and function better with regular care. It’s just like exercise: once you get in shape, you choose to keep exercising to maintain a state of good health.

Insurance is accepted, and same-day appointments are available. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Byrne Chiropractic & Wellness Center | (616) 866-6083